Five Facts about Finnish Sauna

No one else knows sauna better than the Finns themselves. It’s part of their culture that even modern trends cannot kill away the tradition of stepping into a room with hot steam without their clothes on.

Finns understand that foreigners cannot adapt easily to the high temperatures inside the sauna room. That is why they are generous enough to share tips in using a sauna. And also, there are things one must need to know about Finnish saunas.


Sauna is good for everybody. Yes, everyone can enjoy saunas without restraint. However, newborn babies and people with open wounds and are suffering from serious illnesses are advised to stay away from saunas.


Sauna does not equate or suggestive of any sexual activities. One thing to be clear about is that sauna is a great place where you can relax and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.


Getting invited to a sauna is an honour. Always grab the chance to attend an invitation to a sauna. Forget all the shame of removing your clothes and being naked around your friends or colleagues. It’s all about socialization and relaxation, so forget all those worries. In fact, the Finns can come up with better decisions in a sauna than in a meeting.


Scented oils, colored lights, and relaxing music are not part of Finnish sauna. Those are some of the perks in modern saunas or in other cultures. But in Finland, they enjoy a very simple sauna without any fancy displays, scents, and music. You’ll only smell the scent of fresh birch and natural tar.

 Finns go to saunas without their clothes on, and they’re not ashamed to do it even in front of strangers. For conservatives, maybe it’s not a thing for them. But for Finns, it’s natural to see naked human bodies, so it’s important to bare it all. However, Finns understand if others are not comfortable of doing it and they won’t pressure the person to do the same